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January 27, 2011

These and Those: Winter Whinge

Things are moving forward... Life has given me a much needed break and decided to jabbing at me with low blows and sucker punches. We're working in-tandem. Me and life, life and me... Slowly moving in a similar direction, and this pleases me. The way the east coast is getting slammed with back-to-back snowstorms isn't very pleasurable, however. Everything can't sync ... and I'm okay with that... but it's downright depressing. Perhaps the sky has parted, dumping massive amounts of snow in the northeast pto signal the fact that the universe is aligned with my chi? Yes, I'm that self-important. My delusions of grandeur knows no bounds. 
In all seriousness, I've been busy... and busy is always a good thing. I'm hoping to be in the thick of things once spring rolls around. The spring will find me able to move freely down the street without experiencing the tension of hunching my shoulders and back against the cold, frigid air, as I take giant strides over massive snow banks, slush ridden puddles, and patches of black ice. My joints won't feel as stiff, my hair and skin won't shy away from its usual suppleness... spring ... spring... SPRING... I'm looking forward to it. My blogger gig at with the Hartford based theater group has bled into a PR/Marketing position that I hope not to flub. This is a balancing act I'm glad to juggle. The blogging aspect of it is going really well... the reception has been good. 
In the meantime, I've many other things I need to rant about.  A lot of ratched-ness (read: wretchedness) is unfolding in my midst... things that're 'SMDH' worthy... Stay tuned... Oh yes, and if you feel so inclined, please join the Coffee Rhetoric fan page on Facebook. I need to justify not deleting it and to help compensate for the flaky one or two who drop in and out of that particular social networking circle, like selfish lovers. That is all. ;-)
P.S. in a crazy test of my sanity and karma, I battled against the rage of the snowstorm yesterday... bloated, and weighed down further w/ my lovely, giant Sri Lankan handbag/case I feel compelled to stuff to capacity and lug around, and an umbrella in my quest towards CVS Pharmacy for tampons, Motrin, and other female-like provisions. Imagine my surprise when I found that I did not have my wallet in my purse. Despite the frosty air, I broke out into a sweat. Suddenly my coat and scarf began to constrict my breathing... I stumbled outside, fighting the elements, and made my way back down the street to re-trace my steps. ... I felt hotter... and so was about to cut my loss... The heat of my stress was almost too unbearable and I just wanted to go home out of the blizzard... but I needed the means to purchase armor against my impending, monthly doom. I could feel the pressure of its inevitable arrival on the cusp of cumming... What the hell would I use?? I pressed on and saw the free, downtown Star Shuttle rumbling up the street... The last place I pulled it out at clicked, and I flagged it down. I explained to the driver that I'd lost my wallet, and that it may very well be on his shuttle, and politely asked if I could run on and look... and look I did... There it lay in all its grand purple Coach-ness... on the seat I'd vacated moments prior... unscathed, untouched, un-ransacked... Thank you Karma... Now  

September 03, 2010

Social Life

I've been sharing my quest to regain my footing ... to get back on track. To finally expunge ... to purge the last remnants of this year's shaky start that projectile vomited all over me, like a body in the throes of a demonic takeover.
Try as I might, I can't seem to move forward full speed ahead. There always seems to be some road block I can't push through. Some that refuses to open, when I ring its bell repeatedly. And so I am determined, more than ever, to kick doors in and make my presence known. While trying to wedge my foot in the proverbial 9- to-5 crack, I am still adamant about catapulting the Coffee Rhetoric brand to new heights in the process. I want to use this blog and all it entails, to create and gain new opportunities. I have noticed fellow writers who blog and just plain ol' bloggers, being offered opportunities from well known publications and being featured as media pundits and guest columnists in various magazines and newspapers. I definitely think I am qualified to get a piece of some of this action, and that it has been long overdue.  I put a lot of blood, sweat, and definitely a lot of tears into this project, and so I have been pounding the pavement (and a couple of drinks) even harder, in a bid to network, hand out cards, get to know those who know the right people who can get me writing gigs and who gives a damn about hungry, aspiring artists of sorts. I want the word to be spread like cream cheese on a toasted, whole wheat bagel. 
I must admit, I was offered the opportunity to take about five seconds of camera time, by a news crew while out. Perfect time to plug my blog! Alas, I was camera shy and shrunk away from the offer. While socializing with a newly acquired friend, I couldn't help but notice him throwing the word "socialite" around a lot. He mentioned that he fancies himself a "socialite." I told him that when I thought of the word "socialite" I had visions of rich people dancing in my head. "You don't have to be rich to be a socialite. I'm poor but I still consider myself one," he opined. "I know a lot of people, and have been able to network and get into a lot of cool events for free. And opportunities have come up," he continued. 
I considered this for a moment. I've been running it around in my head for a spell and realized this is exactly what I've been doing. Networking, being recognized slowly but surely by local people, many of whom are in the mix and established, being called by name when I attend happy hours and eating establishments for any networking or social events. I am a socialite dammit. This knowledge has prompted me to force my way in. I would love to finally be in a place where I don't need to be in someone's office unless I feel like it, dealing with some micro-managing, passive-aggressive voice of authority, who has no idea how to delegate, interact, and or the politics. 

March 07, 2010

Sunday Ear Candy

Tomorrow I'm up and at it, for another session of major grinding. This song definitely comes to mind... 

September 20, 2009


A recent foray back into the world of temp agencies has CONFIRMED the reasons why I haven't registered with one in so long. Bullshit, constant runaround, indecisive clients, lack of courtesy and consistency. Which is unfortunate, because I had such high hopes for this current one I registered with. I was sold. Needless to say, I'm back at square one... my resolve is still intact however, and this is all that matters.
I am so over job hunting, but do it out of necessity. Am pounding the pavement and doing everything short of working the stroll (which would probably be lucrative at this point). How do certain people with no discernible skills, education, personality, or professionalism manage to get hired and stay employed?? Oh, do tell! If only I were born a socialite... ah, whatever. I do enjoy having a strong work ethic, so nevermind. ... not saying having tons of money wouldn't make life damned easier while I navigate the trials and tribulations of job hunting.
Hopefully my one-on-one I booked with a job counselor will present results, insight, and leads!

July 13, 2009

These and Those

In the midst of job hunting, relaxing, and re-focusing, I've been trying to engage in activities that keep me, well, engaged. Free Jazz in Bushnell Park on Monday evenings, The Cipher themed night at local micro-lounge Cloud 9, catching up on reading and activities of the like. Being productive allows no room for sulking or having a pity party about my sudden turn of events. Besides, my spirits are still high and that's not the type of party I relish attending. Socializing allows me to be around people of my ilk... creative and relevant types. More importantly it offers a chance for some networking! The Cipher inspired me to dust off and revisit unfinished projects, to READ again. To FEEL again. Being a working stiff, sometimes I lose sight of my creative core. Granted, being a working stiff is vital to my livelihood, but next time around I won't let it encompass me to a point where I don't write... where I'm too tired to write, to get inspired. To seek opportunities outside my job, in hopes of parlaying my craft into something exciting and lucrative.
Additionally, I finally got my hands on a copy of Sapphire's "Push." Very difficult novel to swallow about the effects of poverty, physical/verbal/emotional and sexual abuse, and illiteracy. By far, this has got to be one of the most gripping passages I've ever read in a contemporary piece of fiction written in the character's (16 year old mother to be Precious Jones) voice (upon going to register for an alternative learning, pre-GED program):
... There has always been something wrong wif the tesses. The tesses paint a picture of me wif no brain. The tesses paint a picture of me an' my muver- my whole family, we more than dumb, we invisible. One time I seen us on TV. It was a show of spooky shit, an' castles, you know shit be all haunted. And the peoples, well some of them was peoples and some of them was vampire peoples. But the real peoples did not know it till it was party time. You know crackers eating roast turkey an' champagne and shit. So it's five of 'em sitting on the couch; and one of 'em git up and take a picture. Got it? When picture develop (it's instamatic) only one person on the couch. The other peoples did not exist. They vampires. They eats, drinks, wear clothes, talks, fucks, and stuff but when you git right down to it they don't exist.
I big, I talk, I eats, I cooks, I laugh, watch TV, do what my muver say. But I can see when the picture come back I don't exist. Don't nobody want me. Don't nobody need me. I know who I am. I know who they say I am- vampire sucking the system's blood. Ugly black grease to be wipe away, punish, kilt, changed, finded a job for.
I wanna say I am somebody. I wanna say it on subway, TV, movie, LOUD. I see pink faces in suits look over top of my head. I watch myself disappear in their eyes, their tesses. I talk loud but still don't exist.
That passage rocked me. I had to re-read it several times, especially that last bit. Not since Toni Morrison's Sula and Saul Williams's prose in She, has a book made me swallow hard.
Anyway, the beat continues and this one-woman band plays on. Without a doubt, I'm sure I'll have my moments, but I'll continue to shadowbox with the force.

July 07, 2009

Time: Day one of Week 2

Monday evening jazz in the park with friends. That's as miserable as it gets, as far as my new unemployed status goes. Although this week I was supposed to be more vigilant with the job hunting task while focusing on my writing endeavors. Well, this is sort of a writing endeavor, non? Granted not a PAID one, or one where I was commissioned to write... oh well. Anyhoo, I may make another appearance for jazz in the park next Monday. Who knows. It'd be a welcome break.

June 30, 2009

Time: First Day

The Art of preparing breakfast, then about 2 hours of "networking."
... Then lunch break with a friend: Salmon Burger, small chicken tortilla soup, fries (I was hungry, brought the soup home anyway) and this stuff... Now more "networking"

June 29, 2009


As of today, I have a lot of time on my hands... but hopefully not for long. Enough time however, to mull a lot of things over. I don't know how I feel about having all of this time, but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I'm not particularly unhappy over having acquired all of this additional time. Bittersweet in some respects, overall I an overwhelming sense of relief in others. Oh I have worries as a single woman, but I am okay. Currently, I don't feel any sense of alarm or apprehension. So that time doesn't escape me, I need to get to thinking... Hm... where to start, where to start. ...

December 15, 2008

Still Alive

I've yet to have the internetz hooked up at my home. I'm working on it. I hope the result will happen soon! I'm Office Xmas partied out. And look forward to spilling open on a semi-regular basis! Anyway, it's always interesting to see one's co-workers dancing, interacting with their significant others and somewhat under the influence. While some visuals are somewhat traumatizing, it's interesting and quite fascinating nevertheless.
Happy Holidays!

September 27, 2008


It seems as if I'm slowly dissipating off the face of the blogosphere, but nothing could be further from the truth. As little time as I seem to be devoting to my chosen writing medium, I always and still like to defer to blogging as a way to decompress and simply write. Lots is going on and work (and trying to stay afloat in this tragic economic climate) has been keeping me very busy. As illustrated, I've been partaking in other productive activities as well. I'm finding that the older I get, the earlier my bed time needs to be. What is up with THAT?! I get tired so quickly lately and can't "hang" as long as I used to be able to! Struggling to stay awake and avoid nodding off at a fete while trying to maintain my dignity is not particularly sexy. Frequent insomnia notwithstanding, my night owl days seem to be coming to a brutal end. I may have to resort to... taking naps. Ugh! Queue vomit. Anyway, I'm not not participating in productive activities. Anything to contribute to my community. In any event, I hope to get back to some semi-regular blogging schedule once things settle down a bit. I have many stories, bus tales to relay, and musings to air. While posts have been infrequent, I'm definitely not ready to hang it up just yet.

June 18, 2008

Please Beg My Pardon...

... I've had a fun past weekend on Cape Cod with my newly braced-up (she just got braces)- best friend Cat, and haven't had time to relay the sordid details. With various annoyances; irritating personalities, work related fatigue, agitation with my apartment search, wishy washy types, and the like- I'm literally drowning in a sea of foolishness. I'm none too worse for wear though. I'm fine but extremely tired. Dating and the opposite sex are a mere after-thought (if thought about at all) these days. Nothing but over-the-hill, married, middle aged men looking to play games and rap a wack verse anyway, to see if they still have it. Whatever it is. So I'm missing nada. I'm reveling in me, myself, and I. And oddly enough, I don't feel an ounce of remorse. Anyway, I'll be back in a minute. I'm exhausted and suffering from insomnia.

March 23, 2008


In Coffey news...
  • I'm still working my ass off
  • I'm making strides at my job, and hopefully it'll pay off in other ways (cha-ching! get me?)
  • I'm still apartment hunting
  • I'm caught myself another sinus infection.
  • I've been using a neti pot to irrigate my nasal passages...
  • ... while the process is a bit uncomfortable (and disgusting) it works.
  • I'm still single
  • I haven't run off and gotten betrothed or married
  • The mere thought is stifling
  • I'm not really looking or interested in a relationship right now
  • The dudes who approach me are still douche extraordinaires (of Summer's Eve proportions).
  • I've been wearing a lovely perfume oil called P*ssy
  • I've discovered that Absente isn't for everyone... or at least that ish ain't for moi.
  • Every now and again, I'll scope out prospective (and reasonably priced) beds to purchase for my future apartment.
  • I hate that the recession and inflation has caused the price of wheat to go up hence, making bread more expensive. (I LOVE carbs! This isn't right).
  • My bus rides have been right boring. Passengers have been behaving themselves (assholes). I need to find another bus route to ride.
  • I discovered (possibly due to my sinus issues) that I snore like a drunken derelict, and will probably remain single because of it.
  • I'm in denial about my snoring like a drunken derelict.
  • I think I ate too many green Peeps.
  • I'm still fabulously and beautifully eccentric
  • and I enjoy this song....

March 10, 2008

I'll Be Back...

... I am worked to the BONE. Literally. I'm tired, lethargic, and functioning on caffeine (not that it does a damn thing). Work is fast paced and busy-busy and to top it all off I've lost an hour's worth of sleep! That on top of apotment hunting.
I want to do stuff. I want to write stuff. I want to relay witty anecdotes here, oh do I have some witty ones stored away in my memory's bank. I want to go out and about during my downtime, but I can't bring myself to do so. I'm lazy. I've got stuff to share and I'm too lazy. I've got places to go, but once I retreat to the home front, my limbs turn wooden. I think about doing... but they don't move. I become a stone statue.
Spring is on the horizon and I sense slight lubrication in my winter-stiff joints. On a positive note, sleep isn't such an elusive idea anymore. For now anyway.
In any event, give me a few minutes or so. I'll be back... I just need to shake my lazy pelt off.
P.S. I stumbled upon some Absinthe, or Absente rather. ...

February 10, 2008

Rolling With the Punches

Life is still chug, chug, chugging along. Work keeps me pretty busy, I've been consuming large doses of chocolate, coffee, and smoked almonds... prescribed by Dr. Jones, M.D. and struggling to find sleep however and wherever I can (sometimes I pass out fully clothed, not having the energy to change into my PJs, and not waking up until the next morning with my tongue stuck to the roof of my mouth, and my eyeliner smeared all over my eyes). I takes it however I can get it. That's what facial cleanse, a nice hot shower, and toothpaste is for. The apartment hunt also rages on. I'm hoping late Spring early Summer will find me laying down a deposit somewhere cool. The weather has been grey, brisk, and foggy complete with snow showers or just simply rain. I've also been watching a lot of horror films, for some reason...
This past Thursday, I had my first official work related altercation (it had been building because she had been acting the fool from word go), which leads me to the conclusion that some people are just predisposed to lunacy, ignorance, and being les miserables in search of company. New kid on the block or not, I am never afraid to stand up for myself particularly if I feel as if my livelihood is being threatened. There is never any reason to feel intimidated by someone just looking for trouble, because they think they can. Unfortunately for her, she discovered that I am NOT the one, and I only need to state my case once. I don't need to yell, wiggle my neck, or jab my finger to get my point across. I refuse to engage in some sort of back and forth power struggle every single day I come to work, and I make my point in a level, stern, yet controlled voice. I make sure to maintain eye contact to show how unafraid I am. Considering the tumultuous experience I left at my previous place of employment, I do not plan on engaging pettiness, gossip, disingenuousness, and behaviors of the like.
I'm busy, preoccupied, there for very specific reasons... to perform tasks and contribute my expertise and work ethic as best as I can, and to be cordial to everyone so I can go home in a relatively decent mood. My brain is full to capacity and there's no room for irrelevancy. Period. Needless to say this past Friday, she was sweetness and light. And I still don't like her, but I'm glad she was acting human... because all we have to be is cordial and civil to one another, to reach work related goals. I don't know why people think the work place is for unproductive socializing and trying to start some unnecessary mess. It's not a place for escandaloso! I also appreciate the warnings I received and the support shown me ... encouraging me not to take that ish personally, because of someone's issues. I gots to roll with the punches maybe, and dust that ish off.
On an interesting note, whilst standing, waiting for a cab on a dark, particularly wet and foggy evening, A man walked by me and asked me if I needed a ride anywhere. I politely declined and told him I had a taxi on its way. He walked half way to his car, turn and yelled, "How about dinner then?!" I laughed. He walked back over and made his case: "I am really spontaneous, I'm not married, no girlfriend, I'll give me your number and you can think about it." He also told me he had planned on getting take out for dinner, but decided to stop by the supermarket and get fixings for a nice dinner. One of the most genuine approaches I ever experiences sans the stupid pick up lines. I accepted his number. And finally called him Friday after I returned from lunch, to say "hello." We spoke briefly. He said he had been thinking about me the previous day, saying to himself that I wouldn't call. I told him, I phoned because he seemed genuine and wasn't corny... I said in a previous post that I am too preoccupied to entertain prospective dates. Why do these things happen at the most inopportune moments?
To be continued. ...