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January 05, 2015

New Year, Same Ole Me

I was out of town for a much-needed break, debauchery, booze and fun, and didn't access any of my social media accounts that much, so Happy Belated New Year! Here’s my annual statement for the New Year.

Per usual, I don't make resolutions. Somehow, waiting once a year to resolve to accomplish some goal or undertake some risky, death-defying stunt, like jumping from an airplane in-tandem with an attractive instructor, seems like a surefire way to continue not accomplishing things. Do it whenever; not just when New Year’s Eve rolls around for the sake of having something to declare.

I won't make any grand statements or profess to have realized any life-altering epiphanies that came just in time for 2015.  

December 31, 2012

Coffee Rhetoric's 20 Most Read Posts of 2012

Just like that, a new year will be upon us in mere hours and save for some massive bumps and bruises, we got here relatively unscathed, not having to endure a zombie apocalypse. 2012 has been a year replete with a lot of interesting news-bites, dumb-dumb social gaffes from politicians, some notable highs, and extremely tragic lows. It's also been an interesting year for Coffee Rhetoric. I've had the opportunity to participate in some interesting discussions, serve on a couple of panels and offer insight on being a writer, blogger, and navigator of social media, as well as seeing this humble blog introduced to a wider breadth of readers via mainstream media, many of who I've been able to engage with on here, via Twitter, and on Facebook.

December 30, 2011

R.I.P., Officially

As a Black woman who happens to be single, was once exasperated but is now bored to tears with the: Tragic Successful But Still Single Black Woman Who Can't Find A Husband and Isn't Light Enough To Be In A Rap Video or Measure Up to Kim Kardashian And So Should Find Solace in Advice Dispensed by Steve Harvey/Tyler Perry/(insert ill-equipped pseudo-Relationship expert here) meme, I endorse this message. I'm sick of reading about it and I'm tired of sites whose purpose is to supposedly uplift Black women, pandering to the foolio information and quasi-sociological studies about my dating life. Especially since my current purpose (as I see it), is to continue trying to be the best at what I love doing and exploring making a full-time career of it, as well as to ensure that my rights as a woman  (to do, say, believe in what I choose to believe in, and to maintain control over my body) aren't threatened. So without further ado, I bid this meme adieu.

January 01, 2010

New Year & The Best of Coffee Rhetoric

The New Year is upon us. Good times. After a night of drinking and debauchery, I've always felt a little indifferent about sliding into yet another new year. Somehow, I feel especially excited about Twenty-Ten. Perhaps because I'm getting a lot more serious about accomplishing some goals that've simmered on low, on the backburner, for a long while? Not sure, but I'm a little giddy about this new year. I don't want the feeling to end. In the meantime, while I mull over new and more exciting ways to spill open on my blog (I've been at this since 2004!), nostalgia has prompted me to re-post some of my favorite entries.
Like this one; Entitled "Like Water for Chocolate"

December 28, 2009

These and Those

I'll be back to reflect in 2010. I'll be back to relay some newer ideas here and there. Things are inching along ever so slowly, but surely... I think.
I have much to mull over. I have much to possibly share and relay. But I definitely need to take a moment, prior to my reflection. This blog here... it has been cathartic. It has been great. And I'm still here to spill open.

January 03, 2009

M.Y.O.F.B. or Waiting for WALK

I trust that everyone had a productive and safe New Year's Eve and Day. Mine was quite interesting... fun but very interesting. Someone offered to stick his tongue in my ear and suck on my left breast for an extended period of time before switching to the right one. I, being the classy woman that I am, politely declined, but not before laughing hysterically in his face. Hopefully this year wont leave as many battle wounds as 2008 left. I shall start this year off the right wrong way, with a rant that's been brewing in the vault of my angry soul for some time now. It's about certain types of people who should be kicked in the delicates for not minding them and theirs. I call them unofficial and unwelcome crossing guards. Reckless pedestrians who have the huevos mas grandes to get angry at other responsible pedestrians for waiting for the right of way to cross!
I can't count how many times I've had to snap at, give the side-eye and or finger to people who deem it necessary to school me on how to cross the street, because I choose to wait for the effing WALK signal before stomping carelessly across with reckless abandon. Pardon ME for doing what I think is necessary for my own survival and safety! I've had men stand next to me and exclaim, "GO! You can cross now, GOSH!" while I waited for the street signal for me to WALK. "I know how to cross the (insert expletive) street!!!" I've often spat in their direction, prompting them to throw their hands up in exasperation at my refusal to be bullied out into the middle of the road before it's time.
I even had a police officer, buffalo stancing close by tell me to "Go ahead!" once while I waited at the crosswalk downtown. The light was green and traffic was busy and steady. After work rush hour travelers from every direction! "I'm waiting for the WALK signal!!" I yelled back at him, annoyed. "I'm in charge! No one's gonna hit you while I'm standing here!!" he yelled back. I simply sucked my teeth, rolled my eyes and waited for WALK. What could he do? ARREST me for waiting for the WALK signal??? Just yesterday, a gentleman and I were waiting at a particularly busy intersection, also downtown for the signal to WALK. A young mother who carelessly (without looking) strode out into the middle of the street with her young son in tow, nonchalant about just missing getting hit by an impatient turner had the nerve to say to us impatiently, "You can gooooo, the light's reeeed." The man cut his eyes at her and waited. I in my large shades lifted my leather gloved finger and gave her a signal of my very own. She rolled her eyes, but got the hint nevertheless. I could not have made myself any clearer.
What the EFF is it with you people?? Does seeing others wait for the WALK signal really get under your skin that much, that you feel it absolutely crucial to be obnoxious and rude about something that essentially, has no impact on you and the choices you decide to make?? Mind your own EFFING business! If you want to carelessly take off across a busy street sans a care in the world and risk getting creamed, that's your right. I prefer to wait for the WALK signal before deciding to cross. So if watching me waiting for the WALK signal agitates you so, then get over it.

December 25, 2008


I am on vacation. This means no work until January 5th, official as of yesterday, December 24th, 2008. I plan on using this free time to do fuckall. I am not one of those people who feels guilty for not making good or productive use of her time. I think doing absolutely nothing takes special skill, and I am quite adept at it. Sleeping, eating, cracking open the bottles of wine given me as Xmas gifts. Sounds divine.
I will most certainly remember to chop it up on the blog perhaps next year or during the course of me doing nada. And don't ask me about New Year's resolutions, because I don't make any. The committee of Me, Myself, and I has decided that making them are useless, as waiting once a year to stop acting like a piece of trash or aspire to great heights should be an on-going goal that happens everyday of one's life.
Keep it productive, I know I'm not going to.
xoxo Coffey

December 31, 2007

Pop It Good

New Year's Eve provides the opportunity, or excuse rather, to over imbibe in champagne, sparkling wines, and random other libations in the heat of the celebratory mood. Nothing however, agitates me more than seeing revelers shake up a perfectly good bottle of wine or them holding the bottle up in the air as they cork it, causing champagne to explode all over the place... wasting half of the goods and knocking someone in the face with the cork, in the process. It's a waste! by the time the fizz settles there's fuckall in the bottle and barely enough to go around. That being said... here are a few tips suggesting how one might want to open a bottle, like a decorous drunk. It works... I've opened bottles of champagne on flat, level surfaces before without damn near putting someone's eye out and causing the drink to go all over the floor and walls. Enjoy!

December 29, 2007

Stepping It Up

The new year is upon us. Right around the corner. I actually look forward starting my new year on the good foot. I'm not one for New Year's Resolutions, as I think approving one's life is a feat best approached on a daily basis, not once a year. I look forward to tackling new opportunities with fervor and excelling. I feel... hopeful. I feel... triumphant. Bring it. I will look back at 2007 not with regret and bitterness, but with a feeling of nostalgia and will use the ugly as fuel for my drive. For those of you (and you know who you are) who are possibly wondering... or hoping that I'm wallowing and doing horribly... sorry to break it to you. But I'm not. I don't keep company with misery. Sorry. Those who truly know me and want the best for me, realize how resilient I am. It's nothing short of pathetic when people feed off of negativity, and only want to hear about the bad... they zone out when the good is relayed to them. It's nothing short of sick, when people suck the life out of your energy and exacerbate one's misfortune and bad karma. Being the superstitious and neurotic person that I am, I truly believe in emotional vampirism. People who just suck the life out of you... and secretly wish you ill. Or look for flaws so they can feel good about themselves. None of that. I'm even more intolerant of bullshit and bitter personalities. I'm relentless, in fact! As if my zero tolerance policy could get any stiffer. Emotional blood suckers... Take a long hard look at my boot and lick it very much please. Anyway, Everyone else, please enjoy your New Year's Eve celebration(s) and don't be too hard on yourselves with the resolutions! Respect.

January 05, 2007

New Year

Happy belated New Year. I had a wonderful and action packed holiday. It's amazing, the high one gets, being swathed in family and close friends. I considered doing another retrospective, but decided not to. 2006 presented many highs, but just as many lows. I drifted in a pretty dark place; kicking, screaming, fumbling my way towards enlightenment. I must say, I am so glad to have my relative contentment back. I fought some fierce demons, and for a spell, they kicked my ass something fierce. But during that tousle, I learned so many wonderful, new, and exciting things about myself. The primary lesson I learned was resilience. I know that it's okay to be beautifully broken, to be vulnerable, and that I don't have to be tough or perfect all the time. Perfection is a myth. Perfection inspires delusions of grandeur. There's no beauty in perfection. It's a wonderful thought, but it's also an exasperating endeavor. I've been chipping away at this blog since 2004. This past year, I struggled with leaving, because I was so stressed and overcome with shape-shifting emotions, and I wasn't sure whether I wanted to share anymoe. I took a hiatus or two... and I came back. I'm glad I did. I'm not one for New Year's resolutions, so I didn't resolve to do anything. I don't think I should have to wait once a year to improve upon myself, that is something I aspire towards everyday of my life... so I'm keeping on. I still wrestle with life's everyday struggles, trials, and tribulations... but I've been sustaining and I do it with with clarity and a newfound strength. I read my horoscope today, in a local publication and it said the following:
From a metaphorical perspective, Leo, the 2006 chapter of your life story could have been titled "Asleep in the Garden." Beautiful fertility and fertile beauty have surrounded you, but you've been more aware of them in your dreams and subconscious mind than in your conscious waking life. I expect that to change in 2007. That's why I'm envisioning a new chapter that'll be called "Awake in the Garden."