Coffee Rhetoric: These and Those: Let Them Eat Cake

April 12, 2011

These and Those: Let Them Eat Cake

In addition to days spent watching play rehearsals take shape right before my eyes and writing about the experience; they've been seemingly filled with me stuffing my gob with fancily decorated, themed birthday cakes and pizza, watching macabre true-crime documentaries on Investigation Discovery (these keep my female-intuition keen), RuPaul's Drag Race, hunting for the perfect pair of jeans to help flatter my ample-ness, warding off unwanted advances from unwanted men, and nights spent guffawing over full glasses of wine. Whatever it takes to dull the edge a little bit, because at times I feel as if my brain is going to short circuit. Moments spent staring off into space in the absence of wine, definitely help. But I definitely dig this feeling. 
Spring has sprung and the weather is finally starting to reflect the season... It has also signaled the awakening of the riff-raff from their long, harsh winter hibernation. They've slithered out of dark caves and from underneath moist rocks... stumbling all over city, squinting in the sun and testing their sea legs. They've left their marks on the worn city sidewalks in the form of hocked, phlegmy loogies splattered on the cement... competing with guano for domination. I shudder at the the bottom of my shoes and so don't ever bother looking. 
On an exciting note, I've had great hair days and have resolved to wear it out... free and curly... as often as possible... taking a break from my signature (and uncomfortably tight and pinned) bun. My scalp has exhaled and my edges are thankful... for as beautiful as she is... they've no desire to be afflicted with the same fate as Naomi Campbell's
Yes, my days are harried, but thus far they've been steady. I like steady ... I'm hoping they become filled with more writing referrals and freelance gigs because the more I work a non-traditional job doing what I love and the further I veer away from a regular 9-to-5 "day job" the more piercing my hunger pangs become ... To be continued...