Coffee Rhetoric: Update

March 23, 2008


In Coffey news...
  • I'm still working my ass off
  • I'm making strides at my job, and hopefully it'll pay off in other ways (cha-ching! get me?)
  • I'm still apartment hunting
  • I'm caught myself another sinus infection.
  • I've been using a neti pot to irrigate my nasal passages...
  • ... while the process is a bit uncomfortable (and disgusting) it works.
  • I'm still single
  • I haven't run off and gotten betrothed or married
  • The mere thought is stifling
  • I'm not really looking or interested in a relationship right now
  • The dudes who approach me are still douche extraordinaires (of Summer's Eve proportions).
  • I've been wearing a lovely perfume oil called P*ssy
  • I've discovered that Absente isn't for everyone... or at least that ish ain't for moi.
  • Every now and again, I'll scope out prospective (and reasonably priced) beds to purchase for my future apartment.
  • I hate that the recession and inflation has caused the price of wheat to go up hence, making bread more expensive. (I LOVE carbs! This isn't right).
  • My bus rides have been right boring. Passengers have been behaving themselves (assholes). I need to find another bus route to ride.
  • I discovered (possibly due to my sinus issues) that I snore like a drunken derelict, and will probably remain single because of it.
  • I'm in denial about my snoring like a drunken derelict.
  • I think I ate too many green Peeps.
  • I'm still fabulously and beautifully eccentric
  • and I enjoy this song....